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If you have never heard the term, “gemmotherapy”, do not be surprised, as it is virtually unknown in the United States.  The term is derived from Latin “gemmae” for plant bud (another meaning is precious stone).  Gemmotherapy is a kind of phytotherapy, which utilizes extracts from the developing tissues of trees and shrubs.  It was developed in Europe in the 1950s by Belgian Doctor Pol Henry (1918-1988), who coined his work “Embryo Phytotherapy” – referring to the potential energy in the embryonic tissue of plants.  Dr. Henry’s discoveries were followed by continued research, development, and popularization by other pioneers such as French homeopath Dr. Max Tetau, Dr. Mikhael Adams, and others.  

In gemmotherapy today, organic trees and shrubs are cultivated and wildcrafted during Spring, when nature is most strongly filled with vibrant growth energy.  Parts that are harvested include the buds, young shoots, and rootlets.  Plants are gathered during their key growth cycle, when the embryonic tissues - the very parts harvested for the healing extracts - of the plant are literally exploding with life and vital energy.  As the old adage goes “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,” similarly, the properties and contents of the mature plant are contained within the tiny, newborn embryonic plant tissue.  This is one of the foundational principles of the therapy; that this embryonic tissue contains all the potential biologic energy, genetic information and properties of the future plant such as growth hormones, oligoelements, flavonoids, vitamins, enzymes and more. 

It is important to also realize that many of the plant’s most efficacious active principles are present only during this growth cycle.  These energetically powerful elements are extracted along with the other rich contents to create a rare and unusually powerful healing concentrate. 

Once harvested, the buds, shoots, and rootlets are macerated, or soaked, in a menstruum of glycerine, alchohol, and water to form an extract.  This extract is a powerful healing concentrate which contains all the active principles and vital energy of the plant. 

Today, our office finds use of the Gemmotherapy remedies to be fundamentally in harmony with the foundational principles of Naturopathy and as an important tool to be considered in a prescribed program of biotherapeutic drainage.  They offer a revolutionary healing possibility. 


Over the past 50 years, research and clinical experimentation have determined the properties, attributes, and healing elements present in the plants.  The practice has developed over time and, as a result, the particular species of plants that confer the greatest healing effects have been identified.   Furthermore, many of the constituents that are often used in other forms in natural medicine are found in the concentrated Gemmos. Examples of such constituents - and their main effects - are as follows:

Minerals and oligoelements.  (“Oligoelements” is another name for the trace minerals found in the body) -  Serve as enzymatic cofactors and are thus important in detoxification, metabolism and growth.

Nucleic Acids RNA and DNA – Repair and produce antibodies.

Vitamins – Nourish the body

Enzymes – Aid in digestion, are anti-inflammatory, and trigger the physiological reactions necessary to the function of normal organ and glandular processes.

Flavonoids – Antioxidants that act to protect tissues, stimulate healing and decrease inflammation.

Plant growth hormones - Assist in detoxifying, nourishing and rejuvenating.  Among their many benefits include reversing the effects of aging, increase energy level, reducing stress, enhancing the immune system, improving vision, organ function, and more….


We offer well over 50 gemmotherapy supplements.  Please visit our store to browse the selection or contact our office to consult Dr. Erin and see if gemmotherapy is right for you.