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Ferrum phosphoricum 6X 100t/Schuessler
Ferrum phosphoricum 6X 100t/Schuessler
Our Price: $11.90

Ferrum Phosphoricum tissue salts play a very active role in maintaining tonicity and the distribution of the blood throughout the body. It is the remedy to use at the first sign of infection, especially with children. This tissue salt is indicated for conditions such as gingivitis, tonsillitis, epistaxis, fever, laryngitis, pharyngitis, gastritis, nephritis, anemia, bruises and disorders of iron metabolism.
Unda #18 NDC 62106-1117-8
Unda #18 NDC 62106-1117-8
Our Price: $21.90

For the relief of symptoms associated with
  • Low energy
  • Tiredness
  • Overall exhaustion
Red-Gen 90 caps
Red-Gen 90 caps
Our Price: $27.50

Red-Gen is a red algae comprised of the minerals which most closely mirror the naturally occurring mineral matrix found within the human body. This uniquely proportioned algae delivers superior mineralizing capacities to synthesize prolylhydrolase, type 1 collagen, osteoblasts and human bone marrow stromal cells - the major organic components necessary for solid bone matrix deposition. Red-gen provides the essential building blocks for healthy skeletal development during both the growth and degenerative stages. With a complete mineral profile, Red-Gen is a powerful neutralizer of acidic toxins that re-establishes acid-base balances and reduces the inflammations associated with the accumulation of acidic toxins surrounding joints and tendons.� This unique composition makes it an ideal remedy primed to off-set innumerable mineral imbalances within the body such as iron deficiency anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, nervous system dysregulation, gastric mucosal protection, and post-athletic mineral replenishing.