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We have had profound results over the last 18 years with variations of this protocol, where with nearly every procedure, the medical doctor doing the surgery noted the incredibly expedited healing time.

The following suggestions can be used for both surgeries on the body, as well as dental surgeries, with a few modifications for each type, as noted below.

The plan can be started no matter where you are in the process (before, during, after), with the best results for those who are able to start before their procedures. There are no contraindications for these supplements prior to surgical procedures because they will not affect bleeding times. Links to the Options-approved, purest and most efficacious items are provided for your convenience.

Specific suggestions to help rapid healing after surgery-Start ASAP before surgery

(Start ideally 2 weeks before and continue all supplements after surgery until finished.):

DIET: mainly fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, organic chicken or turkey, fish, purified water. Avoid processed foods, sugar, coffee, sodas, red meat

Vitamin B complex 2 caps, 2 times a day

Liposomal C 1 tsp., 3 times a day

Whey protein, New Zealand High Protein 2-4 T/ per day

(Whey is not required for dental surgeries)

(Use New Zealand Whey Protein powder for at least 3 days before surgery and for 7-10 days after. 2 T. provides 23 g of protein, so 2-4 T. per day during this period is ideal for tissue healing.)

3 days before surgery:

T-Relief 1 tab, twice a day

Take just BEFORE the surgical procedure

Specific homeopathics to support against anesthesia reaction:
Take Gelsemium MK -10 pellets ONCE the day before the procedure
Take Oreodaphne 12C -10 pellets ONCE on the day of the procedure (beforehand)

12-24 hours before the surgery:

• Follow your surgeon’s recommendations.

• Avoid Vitamin E and Gingko, fish oils, and garlic in the 24 hours before the surgery.

(Stop Ultra Pure Fish oil, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K)

• Take no supplements the 12 hours before the surgery.

AFTER the surgery:

Arnica MK (2 doses): ASAP after the surgery 3 pellets under the tongue

& 1 hour later (crush pellets if necessary between two spoons)

Phosphorus MK 30 minutes after the Arnica MK

Staphysagria MK 30 minutes after the Phosphorus MK.

(If necessary, these can be given all at once. They may also be diluted in water and sipped altogether).

Recommended diet after the surgery:

Continue a light diet- FRESH vegetable juice, steamed vegetables, brown rice, chicken, turkey. Avoid processed foods, sugar, coffee, sodas, red meat.

Supplements after the surgery: (begin as soon as is possible and reasonable):

T-Relief 2 tabs, twice a day-or more as needed with pain

Vitamin B complex 1 cap, twice a day

Liposomal C 1 tsp., 3 times a day

BCQ 2 caps, 3 times a day, in between meals

Beet Root Powder 1 tsp., twice a day

Continue all of these items until finished.

-If choosing to NOT use antibiotics

(if antibiotics are prophylactic, the following is an alternative to prevent infection):

Herbal Biotic 2 caps, twice a day -1 bottle

HMF Multistrain 2 caps, twice a day

-If on pain meds: (these items will prevent constipation, detoxify the liver):

Nux vomica 30K 3 pellets am and pm

Oreodaphne 9CH 3 pellets once a day

Raphanus 6C 3 pellets am and pm (assists with first BM after surgery)

Please follow up if you are having any complications-pain, infection or other problems.

Most patients heal fantastically when doing the complete protocol.

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Gelsemium Sempervirens 200K GR NDC 62106-8075-4
Gelsemium Sempervirens 200k/12CH GR NDC 62106-8075-4
Our Price: $8.70

For the temporary relief of flu symptoms, fever, sore throat.
China regia 200K GR
China regia 200K GR/Cinchona Officinalis
Our Price: $9.50

For the support of general health.
Arnica montana 200K GR NDC 62106-7385-4
Arnica montana 200K GR NDC 62106-7385-4
Our Price: $9.50

Trauma, muscle fatigue, injuries, sprains, bruises.
China regia 30K GR
China regia/Cinchona 30K GR
Our Price: $9.50

For the support of general health.
Cinchona Off 15CH
Cinchona Off 15CH
Our Price: $11.00

Debility, surgical support
T-Relief Pain Relief 100 Tablets
T-Relief Pain Relief 100 Tablets
Our Price: $11.99

For the temporary relief of minor:
Joint Pain • Back Pain • Muscular Pain

MediNatura Believes: Relief doesn’t need to come with frequent side effects which can be bothersome or even serious.
The healthy way to feel better is to strengthen your body’s own natural defenses. MediNatura uses ingredients found in the natural world, so you can feel better about feeling better.

OreoDaphne 12C/2 dr
OreoDaphne 12C/2 dr
Our Price: $13.60

OreoDaphne 6C/2 dr
OreoDaphne 6C/2 dr
Our Price: $13.60

T Cell Formula 60 caps
T Cell Formula 60 caps
Our Price: $15.50

T Cell Formula contains specially prepared high potency fractions of thymus and lymphoid tissue. All fractionation procedures are carried out under ice cooling.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Traumeel Ointment 1.76 oz
Traumeel Ointment 1.76 oz
Our Price: $20.24

Traumeel is used for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with sports injuries, repetitive use injuries, sprains, backaches, muscle aches, and bruises in addition to minor arthritis pain and muscle inflammation. It is available in ointment, gel, liquid, oral vials, or tablet form as well as in a prescription injectable. With no adverse side effects, Traumeel is a safe, versatile medication for all ages.