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42's caps
42's (6)caps
Our Price: $3.75

Organic Whole Flax 1 lb
Organic Whole Flax 1 lb
Our Price: $8.15

Dr. Erin recommends that whole flax seeds be used and ground fresh every 1-2 days as opposed to using pre-ground or milled flax seed.  Seed oils go rancid very quickly and when ground, the process is expedited.  Remove the oxidative stress by grinding fresh!
Calcarea Carbonica 4ch
Calcarea Carbonica 4CH
Our Price: $9.50

Nausea, late teething, weakness
Rhizinate 100 tabs
Rhizinate 100 tabs
Our Price: $14.00

DGL Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice No. 19001 Nutritionally supports mucosa of the stomach DGL contains a unique chewable extract of deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) widely used in Europe. DGL must be chewed, because combining saliva with DGL's natural compounds promotes absorption and ensures optimum value. In deglycyrrhizinated licorice, the glycyrrhizin a compound associated with high blood pressure has been removed.
Rhizinate w/o sugar/Chewable 100ct
Rhizinate w/o sugar/Chewable 100ct
Our Price: $14.50

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d-Lenolate Topical 1oz
d-Lenolate Topical 1oz
Our Price: $16.95

d-LENOLATE® has been shown to strengthen the immune system’s own defenses, so it can eliminate the burden of toxins. The
elimination of toxins will allow the immune system to bring the body chemistry back into balance. Nothing in the extract can change or fix cells in the body, but by directly strengthening the body immune system, it will better protect and help restore health.

Lactation Blend 60 caps
Lactation Blend 60 caps
Our Price: $19.20

Gastro Support (now called ™Tummy Cuddles™)
Gastro Soothe (now called _Tummy Cuddles_)
Our Price: $20.00

A pediatrician-formulated clinical aromatherapy solution for infantile colic and stomach upset in children and adults of all ages.
Dandelion Root & Leaf 2oz  2 oz
Dandelion Root & Leaf 2oz
Our Price: $20.50

Promotes Healthy Excretion from the Urinary Tract Rich Source of Potassium Supports the Liver and the Gall Bladder to Promote Digestion Supports the Liver and the Detoxification Process
Unda #20 NDC 62106-1119-8
Unda #20 NDC 62106-1119-8
Our Price: $21.40

For the relief of symptoms associated with biliousness, bloating following meals and gastric pains. A specific remedy for the liver, and to aid the body to re-learn how to eliminate.