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Specific Supports for Common Dental Problems

The following are common complaints for which an average dentist might recommend a surgical procedure or an antibiotic. We have found these suggestions to help alleviate pain until required dental work can be accomplished or underlying causes can be assessed and managed. Most often, antibiotics can be avoided altogether

Abscess or Infection Support

Herbal Biotic 2 caps, twice a day

To help with drainage, pain, and symptoms (to use with abscess or infection):

Mix the following:

Unda 2 10 drops in 15 oz. water/20 drops in 30 oz. water

Unda 710

Silicea 30K

Hepar Sulph 30K Add 3 pellets for 15 oz. & 6 pellets for 30 oz.

Hypericum 200K 3 pellets 2-3 times a day for tooth pain originating from

nerve irritation

Nitrous Oxide (NO) is a critical component of human tissue, optimizing healing and blood flow. Biologic and Holistic dentists actually test NO levels to determine if levels are adequate for normal healing and regenerative capacity. NO can also help in recovery from surgical procedures, since it improves blood flow.

To Increase Nitrous Oxide (NO) production

and/or to improve blood flow after surgery:

Beet Root Powder 1 tsp., twice a day

Also consider a treatment with our new BEMER device, which can increase circulation by 30% for over 14 hours after any dental procedure.

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