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Acne Clear
Acne Clear
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Conventional medical treatments for acne typically treat only the infection but do little to treat the underlying causes of acne or to prevent future outbreaks and may have severe side effects including depression and birth defects. Naturopathic researchers have formulated Acne-Clear, an effective acne treatment, using only natural herbs and oils with minimal side-effects. Acne-Clear’s ingredients act in 4 ways: Hormone Balancing,  Anti-oxidant action, Natural antibiotic action, and Inflammation control. In controlled clinical trials in Canada, Acne-Clear produced a 66% reduction in acne symptoms in 6 weeks, with a substantial improvement in the first week. Acne-Clear includes active ingredients tree tree oil, aloe vera, grape seed extract, and rose hip oil in a natural carrier gel that speeds absorption and leaves no skin residue.